The Inka Trail to Machu Picchu, Day 2

  Pic 1
Checking our gear before we start.
Elevation: 3500m
  Pic 2   Pic 3
  Pic 4
Walk for 50 meters, then take a break. Another 50 meters, and a break again.
  Pic 5
The porters where amazing !
Carrying 20-30kg on their back, with no fancy hiking gear.  Only sandals on their feet.
  Pic 6
Cerro Casamientuyoc
  Pic 7
A well deserved break.
  Pic 8
We made it to the dead woman's pass !
Elevation: 4200m
  Pic 9
Our porters taking a break, before they ran down to prepare our lunch.
  Pic 10
This is my proof.  I survived the dead woman's pass !
  Pic 11
The next mountain pass....
  Pic 12
The trail to Runkurakay.
  Pic 13
Looking down at the campsite where we had lunch.
  Pic 14
Just a few more steps now.....
  Pic 15
The dead woman's pass on the other side.
  Pic 16
Inka ruins at Runkurakay.
  Pic 17
Ruben gives us a history lesson inside the ruins at  Runkurakay.
  Pic 18
Looking back.  The dead womans pass up in the clouds.
Elevation: 3924
  Pic 19   Pic 20   Pic 21
Inka tunels.
  Pic 22
Inka ruins at Sayaqmarka.
  Pic 23
Inka ruins at Sayaqmarka.
  Pic 24
  Pic 25
Inka ruins at Sayaqmarka.
The Inka's used to put mummies in the niches.