The Inka Trail to Machu Picchu, Day 3

  Pic 1
Morning tea served at the tent !

  Pic 2
The excellent SAS Travel cook and his team, fiilling our water bottles with clean water.
  Pic 3
A rainy morning at the campsite near Chaqiqocha.
  Pic 4
Rune and Aldo in front of a Inka tunel.
  Pic 5
Inside the Inka tunel.
  Pic 6
Porter inside the  Inka tunel.
  Pic 7
Inka ruins at Phuyupatamarka.
  Pic 8   Pic 9
1000 Inka steps to go....
  Pic 10
900 Inka steps to go....
  Pic 11   Pic 12
  Pic 13   Pic 14
Inka ruins at Winaywayna, close to our campsite.
  Pic 15
Inka ruins at Winaywayna.
  Pic 16   Pic 17   Pic 18
  Pic 19
Afternoon tea with cookies and popcorn!

  Pic 20
Looking down at rio Urubamba.