Spectravideo SV-738 MSX (X'Press)
A portable MSX computer from Spectravideo.  Released in 1985.  Uses same video chip as MSX2 computers, and supports 80x24 text mode.
  It's possible to modify the SV-738, making it a real MSX2 computer.


NAME   SVI-738
MANUFACTURER   Spectravideo
TYPE   Home Computer
ORIGIN   Hong Kong
YEAR   1985
BUILT IN LANGUAGE   MSX Basic (Microsoft Extended)
KEYBOARD   Full stroke keyboard
CPU   Zilog Z80 A
SPEED   3.6 MHz
RAM   64 kB (up to 144 kB)
VRAM   16 kB
ROM   32 kB
GRAPHICS  Yamaha V9938 (the same video chip as MSX2)
TEXT MODES   40 chars x 24 lines, 80 chars x 24 lines
GRAPHIC MODES   256 x 192 dots
SOUND   Three channels, 8 octaves
I/O PORTS   Audio/Video, Tape, Joystick (2), Cartridge, Super Expander, 1 Centronics, 1 RS-232C, RGB, CVBS/RF
BUILT IN MEDIA   3.5" Floppy Drive
POWER SUPPLY   External power supply
PERIPHERALS   SVI-102M Quickshot II MSX Joystick, SVI-105M Sensor touch Graphic Tablet, SVI-107M Quickshot VII MSX, joycard , SVI-109M Quickshot IX MSX, joyball, SVI-2000C Cartridge for controlling the SVI-2000 Robotarm, SVI-609 LAN adapter, SVI-707 External Diskdrive (5.25", double sided, double density, 40 tracls), SVI-709 Network card, for the Spectravideo network, SVI-727 80 columns interface, SVI-747 64KB RAM extension, SVI-757 RS-232 Interface, SVI-767 Data Cassette, SVI-787 External Diskdrive (3.5", single-sided, double density, 80 tracks), SVI-808 Modem, SVI-777 String Floppy Drive

Rear view  I
Rear view  II

  Side view

Detail from the bottom of the SVI-738

Inside the SVI-738.  Floppy drive on top/right.

  System floppies.  CP/M 2.2 and MSX DOS and BASIC




All photos are (C) Roger Samdal