Spectravideo SV-838 (X'Press 16) PC / MSX2 Hybrid
A very rare computer.  It's a IBM compatible PC, with MSX2 support. 

NAME   SVI-838
MANUFACTURER   Spectravideo
TYPE   Personal Computer
ORIGIN   Hong Kong
YEAR   1986
KEYBOARD   Full stroke external keyboard
CPU   Intel 8088
SPEED   4.77 MHz
RAM   256kB (up to 640kB)
VRAM   16 kB CGA / 128kB (MSX)
ROM   8 kB
GAPHICS  Yamaha V9938, AVDP (Advanced Video Display Processor) the same video chip as MSX2,
TEXT MODES   40 chars x 24 lines, 80 chars x 24 lines
GRAPHIC MODES   CGA-Standard 640 x 200, 2 colors
MSX2-Standard 256 x 212, 256 colors
512 x 212, 16 colors
SOUND   Three channels, 8 octaves
I/O PORTS   Audio/Video, Tape, Joystick (2), Cartridge, Super Expander, 1 Centronics, 1 RS-232C, RGB, CVBS/RF
BUILT IN MEDIA   5 1/4" Floppy Drive
POWER SUPPLY   Built in power supply
PERIPHERALS   SVI-811 MSX1 Game adapter compatible with most MSX1 game-cartridges. The adapter feeds of the SV838 and uses standard MSX joysticks (in stead of the analog PC-Gameport).
SVI-812 Multifunctioncard (384KB RAM, RS-232C, Battery powered clock)
SVI-813 Cooling fan
SVI-814P PAL RF Adapter, allows connection to a Color TV or composite Color Monitor.
SVI-815 Monitor Cable, a D15 to 21-pin cable to connect to a RGB-monitor.
SVI-816 Monitor Cable, a D15 to 8-pin cable to connect to a digital/analog RGB-monitor.
SVI-109P Quickshot IX, joyball (IBM compatible)
SVI-??? Quickshot X, joystick (IBM compatible)